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Unlock the Leadership Your Company Deserves

With an illustrious heritage rooted in the tech titans of the modern era, our executive search firm stands as a beacon of transformative recruitment. Our team, composed of industry insiders, has mastered the art of leadership placement while using advanced search techniques and artificial intelligence tools for candidate matching. We don't just fill positions; we elevate companies by installing visionaries.

Roles We've Empowered:

Technology Visionaries

Technology Visionaries

CTOs and VPs of Engineering who've pioneered scalable architectures, driving innovation in large scale operations.

Product Gurus

Product Gurus

Directors and Senior Managers of Product with histories of steering innovation in the most dynamic and user-focused features from ideation to global launch.

Sales Mavericks

Sales Mavericks

Executive Sales Leaders who've navigated the complex B2B landscape of cloud services, unlocking exponential growth and customer success.

Marketing Leaders

Marketing Leaders

CMOs and Marketing VPs with the acumen to craft resonant narratives that cut through the digital noise, much like the iconic campaigns of social media giants.

Peak ConneX About Us - Recruitment and Leadership

Our Philosophy

We are not an agency but a partner, where confidentiality, integrity, and exceptional service define our approach to executive search. Our philosophy is built on core values that distinguish us in the industry and guide every aspect of our work.


At Peak ConneX, we understand the sensitive nature of executive searches. We prioritize and uphold strict confidentiality throughout the entire process. Trust is the foundation of our relationships, and we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of both our clients and candidates.

Fulfilling Our Promises

We believe in the power of our commitments. When we make a promise, we deliver. Our clients can rely on us to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and provide unparalleled service. We are dedicated to fulfilling our promises with unwavering commitment and transparency.

Straight Talk

Communication is at the heart of what we do. We believe in straightforward, honest dialogue with our clients and candidates—no hidden agendas, no unnecessary complexities – just clear and transparent communication. Our straightforward approach ensures that everyone involved is well-informed and confident in every decision.

Candidates are Future Clients

We recognize that candidates are not just individuals seeking a new opportunity; they are potential future clients and partners. We treat every candidate with the same respect, integrity, and dedication we extend to our clients. Our commitment to building lasting relationships extends beyond placements – it begins with treating candidates as valued partners in their career journey.

Meet The Team

Our team brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and commitment to the dynamic field of cybersecurity recruitment.
Chris Villasenor

Chris Villasenor, Founder

Chris has over 20 years of consulting experience in talent management, cyber security, and organizational effectiveness. He advises startups to multinationals on aligning human capabilities with strategy, operational improvements and enterprise risk management.
David Van Ongevalle PeakConneX

David Van Ongevalle, Industrial Psychologist

More than 20 years of experience in helping organizations identifying and selecting the right talent. Specialized in developing and executing assessment centres, competency modelling, HR tools and optimizing talent management processes.

Blake Elder, Associate (Recruit Manager)

Blake has over 10 years of experience in recruiting, executive search, and human resource management in the industrial, manufacturing, biopharma– medical devices and ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) sectors.

David Klink, COO

Dave is a seasoned executive having spent his entire career in healthcare. He has worked for over a decade as a senior team member focusing on the creation of meaningful metrics and building a culture of integrity and performance.

Liyam Larsen, Associate (OSINT Investigator)

With 20+ years of experience in offensive IT security, it is safe to say that Liyam will improve your security posture by identifying security weaknesses before a real attacker can exploit them.

At Peak ConneX, our philosophy is not just a set of principles; it’s a commitment to excellence, confidentiality, and integrity. We invite you to experience the difference of working with a search firm that values your trust, delivers on promises, communicates openly, treats candidates as future clients, and ensures that placed executives exceed expectations.

Peak ConneX – Elevating Executive Search, Redefining Success.

Peak ConneX Philosophy