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About Our Company

We are a premier recruitment and search firm at the forefront of talent acquisition in technology and cybersecurity.

Our journey began with a passion for connecting visionary professionals with cutting-edge companies, driving innovation, and shaping today’s technological landscape.

Founded by Silicon Valley and HR veterans, we have earned a reputation for being trusted advisors from startups to multinationals, as well as the PE and VC community in attracting, selecting, and developing top-tier talent who push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Learn About Our Specialized Approach

Industry Expertise

Our team is composed of experts with a profound understanding of the essential skills required in today's most sought-after technology and cybersecurity professionals. We consistently keep abreast of the latest industry developments, guaranteeing that our clients are connected with the most competent and visionary candidates in the field.

Premium Service

With a candidate network spanning Silicon Valley to Washington, DC, we have established long-term relationships with C-Level executives from the most innovative companies of our generation. This reach allows us to source talent from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive search process for our global clients.

Commitment to Excellence

We deliver unparalleled service at Peak ConneX. We go beyond matching skills and experience; we align values, culture, and aspirations to ensure long-term success for both candidates and clients.

Founder Friendly

The tech and cybersecurity landscapes evolve rapidly, and so do the talent requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to change, staying agile in our approach to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Lead with Peak ConneX – Excellence in Executive Search

Whether you’re in pursuit of exceptional technology leaders or on the hunt for a dynamic executive for your cybersecurity team, Peak ConneX stands as your dedicated ally in executive recruitment. Our expertise and commitment make us the go-to partner for sourcing visionary talent.

Join us in shaping the future of technology and cybersecurity – where innovation meets security, and talent transforms industries.

Our Services

Our executive search methodology has been refined over decades to now offer the most comprehensive selection process in the market. We go beyond screening and interviews by providing leadership assessments that pinpoint the unique qualities essential for success in technology and cybersecurity roles.

We don’t stop there, our background checks are optimized with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) research allowing employers to identify potential risks or issues that may not be apparent from a traditional resume or interview. This can include legal troubles, controversial online activities, verification of credentials or any red flags that could pose a risk to the organization.

We ensure that the leaders we recommend not only meet the technical requirements but also possess the strategic vision to navigate the complexities of your industry.

Executive Search

Our goal is to place executives who meet the requirements and elevate the performance and success of the organizations they join.

Our model is simple; our fees are based on results and the milestones our clients set for us — not monthly or quarterly retainers. We take final payment only after a candidate starts their first day in the office.

We go beyond matching skills and qualifications; we strive to understand the unique needs of our clients and the aspirations of our candidates. Leveraging our experience as internal executive recruiters for some of the largest and most innovative companies of our generation we possess unparalleled insights into hiring strategies that can transform and exponentially grow organizations by attracting the industry’s most exceptional talent.

Our search process is based on what works and aims to identify and place high-caliber professionals who meet the technical requirements and align with the client’s cultural and strategic goals.

Professional Recruitment

Our team of professional recruiters identify, attract, and motivate diverse candidates who are aligned to your job demands, culture and strategic growth initiatives. We provide guidance regarding compensation, assimilation and retention to ensure every new employee quickly begins to contribute and improve your organization.

Tailored Assessment

Selection and development employee assessments that align with your industry, organizational culture, and specific goals, ensuring relevance and actionable insights. Whether you’re selecting new candidates, developing existing employees, or seeking to understand the latent potential within your team, our assessments pave the way for transformative growth.

OSINT Research & Investigations

Our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) research services empower your executive search process, protect employer brand and safeguards employees by providing invaluable insights into the professional backgrounds and online footprint of candidates. Our OSINT reports provide actionable intelligence, enabling you to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and build a leadership team that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s values and goals.

Interim Executive

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, change is the only constant. Our Interim Technology and Cybersecurity Executives bring a wealth of experience and strategic acumen to lead your organization through digital transformation, innovation initiatives, and technology-driven growth. Whether you require a CTO, CISO, or other technology leadership roles, our interim executives are equipped to drive your organization forward.

Join Our Network

Unlock Your Future: Join Our Exclusive Network of Cybersecurity and Technology Leaders!

Are you a visionary technology leader in the realms of Cybersecurity, Data Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps or Cloud Infrastructure? We invite you to propel your career to new heights by becoming part of our distinguished network. Our company is at the forefront of connecting top-tier talent with exceptional opportunities in the digital landscape.

Here is why you should join our network:

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Exclusive Opportunities

Access a curated selection of high-profile positions, including C-Suite, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Data Protection, Compliance and Risk roles. Our network opens doors to career-defining opportunities with industry-leading organizations.

Tailored Matching

We understand that your expertise is unique. Our personalized approach ensures that your skills align seamlessly with the right roles, maximizing your impact in your chosen field.


Your privacy and professional reputation matter. Rest assured that our processes prioritize confidentiality, providing a secure environment for you to explore new career horizons.

Industry Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with access to industry trends, market insights, and networking events. Our platform is a hub for continuous learning and staying informed about the ever-evolving landscapes of cybersecurity and technology.

How to Join

Submitting your resume is your first step towards an exciting future. Simply click the button below to upload your resume and initiate the journey to unparalleled career opportunities.

Join Our Network – Where Leadership Meets Innovation. Your next career move awaits.

Why Choose Us?

Insider Expertise

We’re not just recruiters; we’re alumni of the world’s most innovative tech ecosystems. We understand firsthand what kind of leadership drives success in high-stakes environments.

Precision Matchmaking

Leveraging our proprietary assessment methodologies, we don’t just find candidates; we discover leaders who fit your culture and accelerate your vision.

Enduring Partnerships

Our commitment goes beyond placement. We ensure seamless integration and long-term success for both parties, sculpting legacies along the way.

Join forces with the executive search firm powered by the same innovative spirit that redefined global technology landscapes. Connect with us to discuss how we can illuminate the path to your company’s next era of leadership excellence.

Your Future Awaits. Let’s Build It Together.